WSO2 Identity & Access Management

Kuppingercole has qualified WSO2 as the leader in API Identity platforms

As a company’s applications, services, and API adoptions grow, managing identities through internal, shared, and SaaS services becomes a major challenge.

WSO2 Identity Server provides secure identity management for enterprise web applications, services and APIs by managing user identity and rights securely and efficiently.

WSO2 Identity Server enables enterprise architects and developers to reduce identity provisioning time, ensure secure online interactions, and provide a single sign-on environment, reducing the burden of rights management and identity management by including role-based access control convention (RBAC), granularity policy-based access control, and single sign-on (SSO).

Identity Server allows you to create, maintain, and terminate user accounts along with user identities across multiple systems, including cloud applications. When multiple applications require authentication, users must be able to login at one location and still have seamless access to all other applications. In addition, the identity server provides a new and enhanced approach to federation.

WSO2 Identity Server lets you

An overview of WSO2 Identity Server

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